I Love you, Mommy ♥ ♥ ♥ (11/12)

I miss my mom.. I look forward to spending time with her again.. take care of her and make her feel loved.

I've always wanted to give her a pet bird.. this was taken at Kinder Zoo, our family's first visit was with her, she made my son's experience with animals delightful.

"I'll always need my mom no matter what age I am. My Mom has made me laugh... wiped my tears... hugged me tight... watched me succeed... saw me fall... cheered me on... kept me going strong... and drove me a little crazy at times! But my Mom is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever! " -from Chel's FB status 

I would want my kids to feel the same way for me :)

Dear mommy,
I appreciate you.. I love you.
♥♥♥ D ♥♥♥

Got this from a Facebook Status of a friend:
At 3yrs ''Mommy I love you''. At 10yrs ''Mom whatever''. At 16yrs ''My mom is so annoying''. At 18yrs ''I'm leaving this house''. At 25yrs "Mom you were right''. ... At 30yrs '' Wanna go to mom's house''. At 50yrs ''Don't wanna lose my mom''. At 70yrs "I would give up everything to have my mom here with me''. You only have one mommy. 


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