.. Hedges (10/12) ..

...I will always need my husband no matter at what age I am...... My husband has made me laugh... wiped my tears... hugged me tight... watched me succeed... saw me fall... cheered me on... kept me going strong... and drove me a little crazy at times! But my husband is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever!...
Great status to post.. wonderful reminders specially during seasons of confusion, name it: emotional, psyche, mental, physical turmoil.. I am only human, thankful for God's timely grace... most of the time, I get dysneic when my emotions are the root cause of the sudden imbalance in my homeostasis. Initially, my reaction is to hold on to God to revive me asap, but I have these defense mechanisms surfacing to lash back.
                    You want space? time? DON'T!!! To risky. Lies will find ways to distort the truth...
Hurt with imperfections? Note to self: Part of the package... After all you willingly consented to say "I DO".. And we have our idiosyncrasies as well.

11 years... I am again reminded that He never lets me down. Awakened at 1:30am.. still hurting I prayed.. It's never easy to admit a mistake. Communicate... Pray for each other.. Pray together... A couple who made a marriage vow made a covenant with God,too.. Trust in Him.. You both made Him in charge in the 1st place.. You are not alone.


-Ecclesiastes III-


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