...better me.. (2/12)

Nothing is Impossible (Planetshakers)
You Reign (Citipointe Live)

"Lord, this year help me realize that You alone will understand me, accept me, affirm me, appreciate me, and not take me for granted when my flaws come out.. Others will turn their back on me when everything falls, but You are the one who will be willing to pick me up." mel catipon 

I am a new creation. I choose not to be affected by an unloving censure... I'd rather be convicted by the truth, learn from my mistakes, apologize when I'm at fault, and/or even when I unintentionally offended someone... I will focus on what's good and what's beautiful, learn to show love to haters even when the urge to bite back is tempting... I will forgive, I may not forget the hurt, but I will be in faith it will make me a stronger person, better yet set a good example, especially to my kids... I will continue to declare that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...

I am Strong... I will continue to declare Your goodness...


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