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The Lion Sleeps (full version) (12/12)

Viewing this for the nth time with my kids... same effect: triggered happy memories :)

Typhoon Pedring is now leaving our country's area of responsibility, regular classes are still suspended. Since we are homeschooling, I get to declare when is 'no class' day.. I have been teaching them that acquiring knowledge can happen even if we are not holding books, it can take place wherever we are and whatever we are doing, we just have to be observant and make the most of our life's events.

kids memorizing songs and a learning day for me as well, trying out youtube's 'share' button.. My youngest is trying to sing "Lupang Hinirang" and my eldest is challenging himself with the Periodic table.

Change is the one of the constant episode we can count on.. I try to welcome it :)


I Love you, Mommy ♥ ♥ ♥ (11/12)

I miss my mom.. I look forward to spending time with her again.. take care of her and make her feel loved.

I've always wanted to give her a pet bird.. this was taken at Kinder Zoo, our family's first visit was with her, she made my son's experience with animals delightful.

"I'll always need my mom no matter what age I am. My Mom has made me laugh... wiped my tears... hugged me tight... watched me succeed... saw me fall... cheered me on... kept me going strong... and drove me a little crazy at times! But my Mom is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever! " -from Chel's FB status 

I would want my kids to feel the same way for me :)

Dear mommy,
I appreciate you.. I love you.
♥♥♥ D ♥♥♥

Got this from a Facebook Status of a friend:
At 3yrs ''Mommy I love you''. At 10yrs ''Mom whatever''. At 16yrs ''My mom is so annoying''. At 18yrs ''I'm leaving this house''. At 25yrs "Mom you were right''. ... At 30yrs '' Wanna go to mom's house''. At 50yrs ''Don't wanna lose my mom''. At 70yrs "I would give up everything to have my mom here with me''. You only have one mommy. 


.. Hedges (10/12) ..

...I will always need my husband no matter at what age I am...... My husband has made me laugh... wiped my tears... hugged me tight... watched me succeed... saw me fall... cheered me on... kept me going strong... and drove me a little crazy at times! But my husband is a promise from God that I will have a friend forever!...
Great status to post.. wonderful reminders specially during seasons of confusion, name it: emotional, psyche, mental, physical turmoil.. I am only human, thankful for God's timely grace... most of the time, I get dysneic when my emotions are the root cause of the sudden imbalance in my homeostasis. Initially, my reaction is to hold on to God to revive me asap, but I have these defense mechanisms surfacing to lash back.
                    You want space? time? DON'T!!! To risky. Lies will find ways to distort the truth...
Hurt with imperfections? Note to self: Part of the package... After all you willingly consented to say "I DO".. And we have our idiosyncrasies as well.

11 years... I am again reminded that He never lets me down. Awakened at 1:30am.. still hurting I prayed.. It's never easy to admit a mistake. Communicate... Pray for each other.. Pray together... A couple who made a marriage vow made a covenant with God,too.. Trust in Him.. You both made Him in charge in the 1st place.. You are not alone.


-Ecclesiastes III-


I love you ♥ (9/12)

When you honor someone dear an ordinary day becomes extra ordinary :)
A great way to start the month right.

"If you have a wonderful husband,fiance or boyfriend,
who helps balance your whole world,
who isn't perfect,but is perfect for you,
who works hard & would do anything for you,
who makes you laugh and drives you crazy!
Your best friend who you wanna grow old with,
and are thankful for everyday, and couldn't imagine living without.
Brag about him."  -from Pauline's FB status


More Pachams (8/12)

I don't cook well like most stay-at-home moms, but because there is a subject in my kids' elementary grade level called HELE (Home Economics & Livelihood Education) in Homeschooling, I had to brave up and be creative to encourage them to taste what I serve..lol.

Here's another Pachams:

We love fish.. cream dory is one of them. This one I bought cleaned and fillet.. I seasoned with salt and pepper for 10mins, simmered for about 5minutes  in 1tbsp olive oil dashed with basil, oregano, rose mary, & squeezed in 3calamansi .. Tadaaah!! Can be served as toppings on steamed rice or with angel hair pasta. Try it.. Tasty and Healthy.
Make learning delightful.. Your kids will have a blast helping you in market day, in preparing the ingredients, cook the meal (my kids now how to cook steamed rice and pasta already), and set the table. Have fun homeschooling :)


I Love Sheryl Crow (7/12)

My Favorite Mistake Don't we all have? Sometimes its even a couple more.
It's one of those moments when your Cerebellum gets hyped.. most of the time it makes me smile.. then I sing this song.. which leads me to sing another song If It Makes You Happy. Eventually I'd pause for a moment, for a dramatic effect, so I can justify singing All I Wanna Do Is have Some Fun.. Obviously, I'm having a nostalgic day.. What about you? Everyday Is A Winding Road.


What's for breakfast (6/12)

Just another bonding weekend with friends.. or so you thought..
Amazing how one topic can pop up and flow in unimaginable waves... how a simple inquiry can ka-boom and mushroom in catastrophic proportions.. It is a flavorful conversation, but still you shouldn't be doing it. Just consider the possibility that maybe next time, you'll be the spicy in their coffee. So next time, before engaging in your chit chats, condition yourselves not to linger in subjects may make you cross thin line between genuine concern and (if there is such a thing) harmless gossip. hmmmm.


Still Learning..

I love blogs with gadgets.. then I check the owner's profile, web designer.. super WOWed! In my mind: "if I can only squeeze in some learning time for that ( fill in the blanks)."  Hmmmmm, good idea for a blog topic.

For months I've been checking out blogs, clicking on their follow buttons, grabbing buttons and trying it on my blog so it can work for me, too... right now, well if I get the time to learn about it or maybe someone might just help me with it, I want to have a 'blog roll'. I actually posted the list a week ago, but the link is not working. I get stressed seeing the ERROR word and so I decided to delete the gadget for now... If you have time to spare I totally appreciate the assistance, leave a comment.

-Ecclesiastes III-


Happy 10th TC

Yeah!!! Double digits and counting.. more delightful seasons are coming our way, and I believe you will never tire reminding me of God's greatness in our relationship...
I will never forget the hope you gave me.. When all seemed off-track, you're the best reminder of His wonderful promises.. Your first cry to the world as you breathe in life's air was like a transfusion of energy, it jolted me to look forward to the best phase of my existence..
I Love You, my first son.. never forget: You are destined for Greatness *hugs*


..a daughter's goodbye.. (3/12)

My dad wasn't really there for me and my family.. got use to his absence, but before he died I got to see him and his family.. I honestly have no deep feelings, we were like acquaintances trying not to be awkward, well that's how I thought.. Repressed anger? Nope.. Apathy? Dunno.. I have conditioned my mind years ago, that I will be respectful, and understanding of whatever happened in the past.. I didn't set expectations anymore after my 7th birthday, that defense mechanism was a smart move for me, because I don't have to look forward to anything.
I do have blurry memories with my dad, sometimes I hear songs and just wonder, but I'd rather not entertain.. I love my mom very much I don't want to make her think nor feel inadequate providing for us.

This is an unfamiliar song for me, my cousin Jenny shared it, I honestly thought she composed it for her dad,
Mr Jose Marie Chan did...

Sing me your song again, Daddy.
Sing me that happy verse.
Sing me those clever rhymes you sang
As you carried me on your shoulder.
Sing me that hymn that you so loudly

Sang in church with Mom.
Sing me those songs I know will linger
Long after you have gone.

With this song in her head, comforting and lulling her to a peaceful night..she whispers:
We'll miss you, Dad. I love you. 

Your music will live on in our hearts.



...better me.. (2/12)

Nothing is Impossible (Planetshakers)
You Reign (Citipointe Live)

"Lord, this year help me realize that You alone will understand me, accept me, affirm me, appreciate me, and not take me for granted when my flaws come out.. Others will turn their back on me when everything falls, but You are the one who will be willing to pick me up." mel catipon 

I am a new creation. I choose not to be affected by an unloving censure... I'd rather be convicted by the truth, learn from my mistakes, apologize when I'm at fault, and/or even when I unintentionally offended someone... I will focus on what's good and what's beautiful, learn to show love to haters even when the urge to bite back is tempting... I will forgive, I may not forget the hurt, but I will be in faith it will make me a stronger person, better yet set a good example, especially to my kids... I will continue to declare that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me...

I am Strong... I will continue to declare Your goodness...


..Decisions.. Decisions.. (1/12)

..late post.. apologies..  no more excuses..

 Before the end of the year, we make a list, either in our mind or on hard copy, of what some grew up calling "resolutions for the new year".. about a decade ago I got convinced to call it "Faith Goals"..whatchatenk?

Yep, that's how it should be called.. Let's be honest, the real reason that some if not all that's in the list didn't get resolved last year or even a couple of years back is due to the fact that these recycled lists lack conviction. Hmmmm?.  (talking to myself)

I don't know what's up ahead, but I look forward to a better year.. So let's purify our imagination... be in faith... set goals..  The countdown to a better you starts NOW!!!

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