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Posted by Picasa  This human anatomy model "Atom" was in my youngest son's toy list last October... and he's not even in level 1 yet!! Imagine that!!! Truthfully, a part of me's delighted of his choice (he can use it till he gets to college), and a minute portion's challenged to review more or be choked on the questions I'm expected to answer anytime now.

Almost everyday since we got him his learning toy, we review on parts that's easy to read and memorize... Impressive memory kids have nowadays, I find myself pausing a bit to make sure I pronounce the muscle parts correctly in my head before uttering it..

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Saying the word "butt" at home seems acceptable..One day, we went out, the muscle part was mentioned by a friend of his and an uncomfortable chuckle followed, I saw him look at me like he's weirded out.. As expected, he was curious as to why the other kid reacted like that.. I told him, some are not comfortable saying nor hearing it.. Others think it's ill-mannered to blurt it out loud.. He was silent for awhile and said: "I'll teach him to just say Gluteus Maximus..Is that ok, Ma?" ☺


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