..a piece of me..(9/12)

"There is wisdom in old people"...

Today, I lost another significant person in my life.. memories of her are not perfect, but they are mostly life changing.. Milestones. 

Almost 19years ago, she visited and made time to encourage me to follow in her footsteps, professionally. I remember her exact words (translated in English): "..now that your Papang has passed, I feel I will follow really soon..it will make me very happy if you carry-on my passion.." I got my degree 4 years later. It wasn't easy at first, I had to deal with some issues privately for awhile...the theatricals of life.. decisions, decisions... Bottom line: Obedience.

On her last visit, she met her great grandchildren from my side of the tree. We may not always be physically with our loved ones, but the emphatic linkage beats beyond human understanding. She will  always be a part of my life's story, she opened windows, when she asked me to close a door.. memories of her will always make me smile.

I know she is happier now.. I am certain generations will be blessed, because of the wisdom she has shared.

♥♥♥We love you, Mamang. Thank you♥♥♥


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