..ever after... (8/12)

The union of two individuals can be highlighted in a million different ways.. wedding planners, photographers, videorgapher with creative minds join together to make the event extra spicy as they capture the life that was, current, and a preview of what's to come... but never forget the Heart of it all.

Today, my family and I will witness a union..and like with the other weddings we've been a part of, we are excited for the couple's new level of adventure in life.. we will stand with them in faith as they commit themselves to each other and their relationship with the Lord.

Marriage is a learning process, too. It is dynamic. We mature as we transform every time we have new sets of trials... there is a guide to make any relationship work... get to know Jesus, read your bible.. align yourself with His will in your life. For me getting married is embracing your differences, not compromising, but learning to understand and love one another the way you want to be loved... not easy, that's why you need to work together, work with the Lord...Believe that God, in His wisdom and providence, has established it as a covenant relationship: a sacred lifelong promise reflecting unconditional love for one another, and believing that God intends for the marriage covenant to reflect His Promise to never leave nor forsake..

Our spouse is God's perfect gift, to have, to hold from the day we are wed, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health; to love and to honor, to cherish, and to protect, forsaking others, until the last breath...

Reaffirm your pledge to fulfill your vows, exalt the sacred nature and permanence of the marriage covenant by calling others to honor and fulfill their vows.. our decisions affects the next generation, they are our children and our children's children. Marriage is God's calling, it is sacred not just a piece of paper to be used for selfish reasons.. to marry is to be born again, so don't give it to chance, but give all that you have to the Lord. He is life, and He is immutable and as you both obey, blessings and favors ever after not just in this lifetime but to the next generations as well.


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