Rediscover your family as you journey with them in your kitchen (7/12)

Discovering the yummy goodness of garlic, butter, bell peppers, olive oil, and recreating left-overs is a homemaker's simple delight..I speak for those who are not so skilled in the cooking department, like me, but loves to eat and enjoys sharing  eureka moments with my kids.

  Have you ever experienced "just cooking" whatever is available in your fridge? Here in my country we call these accidental dishes "pacham",  from our tagalog root word Chamba, meaning just lucky. These accidental delicacies come to life because of different reasons.. others want to re-invent a dish (bored with the usual cooking), some just test their expertise in making anything from scratch (these are mostly the learned ones with cooking degree), and some of us simply needs to make a decent meal for our family and we need to utilize what's available in our fridge, in our backyard, in my case, from a planting pot of my son's science lab project.

A month ago, my son's special class started. This school year they are into gardening and science lab. He's so excited planting his first ever vegetable, pechay, technically his first was mongo seeds which he didn't use soil just  damp cotton, to have the sprouts, i guess it does not really count, right. A week later, my brother-in-law asked my eldest son to look after his herb pot.. Wilted leaves and dried soil didn't discourage my son from adopting the herbs...Thyme, Oregano, and Sage.. Atchak, is how my sons call him, introduced herbs to our family about 5years ago. Since then a simple cold cuts for breakfast will transform to a delightful "gourmet".. and anything from the can will have the unique experience of being drizzled with different kinds of herbs. I think that's one of the reason we love eating pasta too.

Here's brekky "pacham", let's start with my son's "gourmet sausage"... 
sausage (cooked in its own oil) add in garlic, rosemary, basil and parsley, simmer. Garnished with cucumber (previously dipped in salt, pepper, and vinegar).. We usually eat breakfast with garlic rice..
Lunch: Pinoy Pasta "pacham".. Marinate chicken with calamansi (lemon), salt and pepper. In olive oil, fry chicken breast for 2mins. Set aside.. In the same skillet, add in 2tbsp of butter, add minced garlic, shreds mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli. Once broccoli is half cooked, set aside..pour in pan all-purpose cream, add fried chicken. Add your favorite spices.. My son's Thyme, Rosemary, Parsley, Basil, Oregano, crushed Chili Peppers. Simmer for 5mins, then add in Malunggay leaves. Simmer for another 2mins. Pour over al dente whole wheat pasta. Drizzle with your favorite cheese toppings.. Today, my sons wanted mozzarella.

Snack time: Power Tortillas.. Spread pizza sauce thinly over tortilla, gather all available cheese in the fridge: sprinkle mozzarella, cheddar, blue cheese, cream cheese (hahaha, yep in a bottle). Pre-heat oven toaster, slide in "pacham" cheesy tortilla, pull out from oven when cheese starts to bubble.. ohhlalala...

Now, what's for dinner... the "pechay"!! Oh, I almost forgot, my son's teacher needs to give it a grade first.. hahaha.

Letting our kids help around the kitchen does not mean it will be easy for us, but these are priceless moments.. Let us make it happen, moms and dads... Cherish them.. Hmmm, it just crossed my mind, I might have a Wolfgang Puck in the future. Yehehehehes..

Bon Appetite everyone!!! Life is meant to be shared with.. It's the little things that matter.. Let's all be nurtured accordingly.


  1. thanks for the comment, Mikey =-) food cooked from the heart is what my kids call it.. check what's in your pantry and do your magic.


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