thrift shops... random thoughts...(6/12)

Moms multi-task effortlessly..most women are designed that way, we just need to be more careful with the details...While waiting for my hubby to get back home from a wedding shoot, bits and pieces of stuff get sorted and solved in my head.. yep, yep, yep... for the coming weekends I'm already brewing the family's activities...

For the past years, I noticed thrift shops are mushrooming their way in our communities, be it in the heart of the city or the barrios.... offering all sorts of goodies that can be categorized as a daily need or a one-time requirement for an important occasion, like weddings or special production/intermissions for a play,  costumes for events that matter..

Months from now my family will be part of a wedding.. everyone likes weddings...Me? I love 'em!!!! It's the first time my boys will be participating in one.. their aunt wanted them to be part of the entourage as the ring bearer and the bible bearer, and my hubby as veil sponsor... we're all honored, and totally looking forward to this gathering... therefore, as early as July, I'll make sure we'll get to check all the nearest and popular "Ukay-ukay" (thrift shops).. that's topping my list of errands.. *evil grin*

Honestly, it's not going to be that burdensome to me.. I kinda get a bit elated shopping!!!!  hahaha..yes, especially in thrift galore *both hands shaking behind ears"

This is going to be super fun and a one-of -a-kind adventure, no doubt.  The kids will definitely have an early holiday delight in a ranch, refreshing greens and yummy fresh fruits, riding the horses complete with gears and authentic cowboy and indian costumes... plane ride to reunite with other family members days before the wedding day, talk about quality time... and the all night hoe-down, square dancing and ballroom exhibitions with the dance instructors.. holding on to dear life as we swing down the zip line experience... yiiiiiha!!! the list of possibilities go on, actually.. let's all live well.. renew your vows to your spouse as the newly wed exchange theirs *blissful*... *ahem* (oooh, another blog peeking in).." To the ukay, Tonto."

Reception Music: Country songs by Tim Magraw, Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood and the like..
Motif: Pastel Blue Western Cowboy


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