avatars (5/12)

one of my avatars..casually dressed in a movie house

It takes awhile until you've finalized your mood.. personality type.. fashion style.. or the closest image you think can justify your attributes if not the totality of your being, it was all worth it. After all, we are our best critic.. it's in our nature to make sure we look and feel good.. yes, even in making our own avatars...you have to admit it's kinda "Us" pasted on the sites as we make replies and comments or just want to make a statemet

I appreciate avatars, because with it I don't have to get new outfits just to have gorgeous profile pic downloaded or uploaded, nor take zillions of web cam shots, nor rummage my photo albums/boxes to painstakingly sort my nicest shots.. I don't want to sound so hellishly low,but it's just disappointing most of the time..It just takes an avatar of "me" to give identity to my profile and go on with my business.

That's what I have to say...for now.
What about you? Care to share your avatar?


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