basic truth..(4/12)

However you try to hide your true desires... conceal your true intentions.. sooner or later you'll realize the truth will come to light.

Whatever is in your heart reflects what you think, how you speak, and do things... What drives our yearnings are mostly what we allow ourselves to be surrounded with. Observe your routine, how you deal with your daily encounters. Intelligent beings that we are, you have to admit  we are not perfect, we live in a dynamic life that needs constant checking.

Start your day right.. Renew your mind. How you make of this day will have a great effect on your life's next adventure, or lack  thereof. "garbage in, garbage out".. Stop pointing fingers. Start the change from within. You have kids living with you, then it's "monkey see, monkey do"

Make everyday delightful for you and your loved ones. Let's all have the habit of checking our heart, make sure it's in tuned with what your design to be.. God created you for a purpose.. You are His workmanship.

My Prayer for You:
May your heart's desires be in line with what God wants for you.. may you be surrounded with true friends, with their heart focused on pleasing the Lord, their one true love.. may you be refreshed everytime you read His Word, and may you be a breath of fresh air to those in need of hope..In Jesus name. Amen.

Matthew 6:33New Living Translation (©2007)


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