just a thought (1/12)

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without you? Did you ever daydream to be in someone's life? Are you genuinely happy? Do you want to know what really matters? Do you want to know what your purpose is? Do you feel alone? unloved? unheard? You think you're faithless? unworthy? a know-it-all caught reading this blog?

We all want what's best, material  and social, not just for ourselves, but for our family, and friends, even for everyone... basically because of the fact that it's in our nature to  desire for what is pleasurable.. During challenging times the powerful lines of "what if's" makes situations better than reality itself to most of us.. some of us hide behind masks, others physically detach themselves from reality to the extent of unconsciously abusing defense mechanisms like repression and supression, displacement and passiveness which can eventually lead to depression, drugs, perversions, or something  we don't want any of our next of kin to suffer from.. some cannot even comprehend why there are those who want to raise kids in this lifetime.

There is Hope... A new day, a new life waiting to be lived... We stumble along the way, let's learn with that. Let's make the right choices next time. Commit to your convictions. Life may not be easy now because of mistakes we've deliberately or accidentally committed and omitted to do.. Repent..A 180 degree-turn in your life. Grow up from life's follies. Let's face the consequences of our bloopers.  Nobody's perfect, but if you think you are, then it means you are ready to face The Creator =P

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