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A New Start.. Happy Birthday(3/12)

  Late 90's... like most music lovers my age, i was enticed by Jewel's voice and her songs... her vocals are as enchanting as her face, and the lyrics are just contemporary... who will save your soul When I first heard  this, all I wanted to do was sing it... it was quite a challenge, because of the changes in tempo I could hardly catch my breath.. I honestly didn't take any particular interest on what it means, just the fact that I can sing it (in my own version that is, confident much..hahaha). Years later, on my way home from a colorful 16hour-work, I heard myself ask "whom will I allow to save me?".. I can't think of anything else, but this song.. sounds familiar?.. Successful, but still lacking something.. Rested, yet my body longs for more vacation time.. never contented, always hungry.. wants more adventure, albeit the deaths and dying encounters almost everyday..

 In the middle of all my inner turmoil, I fell in love even before meeting him. He never insisted on his spiritual beliefs, and I wasn't very particular with those matters at that time, because all I can think of was how to make this wonderful bliss last me a lifetime. For me, and yes, for most of us: The key to any disagreement is "Mature Communication". We enjoy listening to what the other has too say, we can talk about anyhing.. Affirmation.. I's so crazy with the lyrics, I focus most of my passionate conversations with him using this song.

 Before I submitted myself to Christ, I was self-sufficient. I have this invisible armour that I am "safe".. kinda felt confident that I'm in the medical field: constantly on-call to pitch in for a colleague, and automatically be able to render service to others, I always have a "good deed" done for the day.. There was a moment that I was like justifying my existence everyday..  I haven't been doing my church responsibility, because I honestly enjoy weekend duties (double pay and the floor is not as "toxic" as we coin it)... Bonus part: my hubby understands my career is a big part of who I am.

-- Ho Humm.. Another Ordinary Day, or so I thought --
  Faith.. Prayer.. woooo.. too spiritual for me... 

Summer time arrived, my mom-in-law visited. One afternoon, over tuna sandwiches, & pomelo juice, she started sharing childhood memories of her son to me: childhood related accidents, scholastic standings, faith goals of the whole family, & their desire for him to be wed with someone of the same faith. Hold on to your keyboards!!! Yes, I didn't do any tumblings nor cartwheel exhibitions, I smiled like a beauty queen. Poised. I have no idea why, but I didn't contradict her. Kinda weird, but I made her say her piece and I wasn't planning on retaliating. Yep, even on the subconscious level, no ammos were secretly loaded.. She shared relationship with Christ, and to my surprise I didn't react like I normally do  ☺Flashback: College years: my born again classmates will sit beside me.. I flee from them, or just make a scene, something like: run around the university field shouting: "Ahhhh, Born Againts!!!!"

  Who knew?.. Amazing!!!! I received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Just like that, in my own living room, over a small snack.. Well, while she was sharing, my life flashed before my eyes, and I kept on hearing what the pastor said during my eldest son's dedication (hmmmm, that's another blog): "As a mom, it is your responsibility to make sure he is exposed to the Godly beliefs, make sure his faith will guide his convictions, and that he will be firm with this."... I realized how selfish I was. But I see Hope.. Served for me..Challenging me.. Salvation!!!

-- The Promise --
 Everyday, we are molded by what we see, by who we spend time with, by what we believe in.. I still posses the knowledge and the skills, the heart of excellence, and the joy to serve others, but most importantly now I know "I am saved".. My children and their children's children will know of His greatness. "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" (josua24:15)

 Salvation is received when we stop trusting in ourselves..everything has been done for us..on the cross.. He exchanged His righteousness for our sins.. Trust in God.. Awareness of your beliefs, starts with the acceptance of who is in charge of your life.. you need to acknowledge who you serve.. pray with me now, if you choose to have a fresh start:

 Prayer for Salvation:

 Heavenly Father..I acknowledge that the separation between us.. is because of my sin.. i confess that i have sinned.. and have fallen far short of your glory.. I thank you that you sent your son, Jesus.. to pay the penalty for my sin.. I believe that he died on the cross for me.. i want to turn away from everything the Bible calls sin.. and receive you as my Lord, Master, and savior.. help me to love, serve and obey You..for the rest of my life..in Jesus name.. Amen!

Born Again..you are!!! The heaven's rejoicing!!!! Turn away from what the bible calls sin, so better read that book, obey what's written.. Consistent all these years, He gave us the bible to be the best guide to a better life.. tell other's about your new commitment to follow Christ.. Today is the day, let us celebrate this new life!!! Happy Birthday!!!


moms are sprinkled with more than pixie dusts (2/12)

A couple of years back, my family and I were gallivanting around Star City... we passed by an entire wall, designed with mixed materials, painted and sculpted with the magical cast of "Peter Pan and Neverland". I had this urge to pose beside "Tinkerbell".

I never did see myself as a princess, I'm  more of those fairies... As Wendy have read with her grand daughter, Maggi, in the movie "Hook" (starring Julia Roberts & Robin Williams)  "When the first baby laughed for the first time, his laugh broke into a million pieces, and they all went skipping about. That was the beginning of fairies." Moms came about because of unselfish love for self. We are the result of passion and desire for greatness. We are in the position to direct the next generation to be fantabulous!!!

I see myself as guardians of little children, magnifying what is wonderful and beautiful in life. Making sure they learn as young as they are who should be in the center of their world, and that their heart for excellence is the standard to set in every endeavor. So be sure you take your daily doze of  the refreshing Word. Read my blog and you'll find out we are dainty and totally bodacious all in one tiny package. Thank you, Lord for making my life colorful, a delight in your eyes.

just a thought (1/12)

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without you? Did you ever daydream to be in someone's life? Are you genuinely happy? Do you want to know what really matters? Do you want to know what your purpose is? Do you feel alone? unloved? unheard? You think you're faithless? unworthy? a know-it-all caught reading this blog?

We all want what's best, material  and social, not just for ourselves, but for our family, and friends, even for everyone... basically because of the fact that it's in our nature to  desire for what is pleasurable.. During challenging times the powerful lines of "what if's" makes situations better than reality itself to most of us.. some of us hide behind masks, others physically detach themselves from reality to the extent of unconsciously abusing defense mechanisms like repression and supression, displacement and passiveness which can eventually lead to depression, drugs, perversions, or something  we don't want any of our next of kin to suffer from.. some cannot even comprehend why there are those who want to raise kids in this lifetime.

There is Hope... A new day, a new life waiting to be lived... We stumble along the way, let's learn with that. Let's make the right choices next time. Commit to your convictions. Life may not be easy now because of mistakes we've deliberately or accidentally committed and omitted to do.. Repent..A 180 degree-turn in your life. Grow up from life's follies. Let's face the consequences of our bloopers.  Nobody's perfect, but if you think you are, then it means you are ready to face The Creator =P